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Glass canopies - it is a aesthetic and comfotable solution for roofing the building entrance. Glass roofs protect against bad weather while retaining its appearance for many years. Our glass canopies are only made of the tempered laminated glass. We laminate with the film EVA produced by Bridgestone, which can be transparent, matt, colorful or with printed design. The thickness of glass is calculated individual, depending on the size and the way of installation. To fulfil the protective function, the canopy should be min. 1 meter wider than the entrance. Its depth should amount 0,8-1,5 m and its lowest point should be located at a height of 2.4 m from the ground. The angle of inclination of the canopy should not be larger than 22,5 degrees.

NEW !!!


We offer our new product - glass canopies of the toughened laminated glass with printed designs, which are made by printing with nanopigments, and then burnt-out in the kiln at 180 ° C. Apart from direct printing on glass it is possible to put printouts or decorative materials  between glass panes. It allows to achieve remarkably interesting visual effects. You will find more information about our technology of the print and lamination  in the section PRINT and LAMINATING, the access to the collection of  graphic themes for print are the in sections GRAPHICS and PATTERNS.



We use the glass with thickness 13,6 mm – 17,6 mm

- clear float glass
- opti white glass (glass discolored - white)
- tinted glass (graphite, bronze, green, blue)
- satin glass, sandblasted
- ornamental glass
-laminated glass with EVA film or PVB matt, colorless, colored, with printing of decorative fabric.



- odciągi stalowe and point clamping
- steel beams
- steel constructions



Fittings, that we assemble are made of polished or grinded stainless steel. There are also 7 special colours avaliable, as well as any desired RAL color. We use fittings of the following manufacturers: Geze, Pauli + Sohn GmbH, Colcom / Minusco, CR Laurence G-FITTINGS P & M, Casma, Siso, GCC, GMT or their substitutes. To demanding customers are recommended original solutions, especially stainless steel rods made ​​in our metal workshop.



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