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Types of glass doors


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- installed on side hinge or pivot hinge (ceiling-floor)
- comfortable opening regardless of entering side
- the possibility of use of the hinges with a spring or hydraulic mechanism, the self-close system
- bigger entrance and light construction compared to the door frames
- the door opening can be finished with plaster, tiles, stone, sheet metal etc.
- after application of the locking element it becames a one-sided working shut-door


- installed in the door frame of stainless steel or aluminum or wooden, on side-hinge
- our offer does not include wooden frames, but we can install glass doors in wooden frames, which already exist. 

  Foldaway (concertina-shape):

- installed there, where is no space to open a large door leaves or installed to close lager space


- it moves by means of the trolley on the rail installed to the ceiling or glass walls
- the lack of floor-rail helps to keep the floor clean
- particularly useful in small spaces, and where traditional door makes moving difficult
- we can install in the frame a special cassette, so that the glass door after opening is hidden in the wall (sliding door cassette)



We use toughened safe glass - thicknesses of 8, 10, 12 mm or toughened laminated safe glass with thicknesses from 9.6 mm to 13.6 mm

- clear float glass
- opti white glass (glass discolored - white)
- tinted glass (graphite, bronze, green, blue)
- satin glass, sandblasted
- ornamental glass
- laminated glass with EVA film or PVB matt, colorless, colored, with printing of decorative fabric.





Fittings, that we assemble are made of polished or grinded stainless steel. There are also 7 special colours avaliable, as well as any desired RAL color. We use fittings of the following manufacturers: Geze, Pauli + Sohn GmbH, Colcom / Minusco, CR Laurence G-FITTINGS, P&M, Casma, Siso, GCC, GMT or their substitutes. To demanding customers are recommended proprietary solutions, especially stainless steel rods made ​​in our metal workshop.


                                                                                                                                                                                            Hardware colours                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

The smallest                Slide hydraulic              Hinge with self-close
self-close system        hinge                              system
BERETTA Only 100      MINUSCO Biloba          MINUSCO Unica



The advantages of glass doors

- resistance to moisture and scratches
- easy to remove tough dirt (except the sandblasted and satin doors )
- the possibility of any extension, for example of the upper or side transom
- any size is available, according to individual order
- aesthetic virtue - the possibility of decorating glass panes (designs, company logos, information signs)


- offices, stores, shopping malls, banks, restaurants, private houses
- more often as the front door in shops



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