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Kinds of shower cabins


           wnękowe                  narożne                trójścienne               pięciokątne           przywannowe         stałe walk-in              parawany


We make and install shower cabins for individual order, in any size, according to every bathroom design. We offer shower cabins installed on shower trays as well as on the floor. (with or without a threshold - depending on the size of the cab and its exploitation). All glass elements are made exclusively of the tempered glass. A variety of installing solutions, wide range of leading manufacturers of fittings and good quality of the silicone and magnetic seals often exceed the quality of ready-made goods.


To seal our cabins we use only a special supertransparent silicone produced by Ottochemie


  Rod in corner cabin                          Rod in flat, two-piece cabin                     
Rod in flat three-piece cabin


All our shower cabins have a stainless steel threshold

       Stainless treshold - swing shower doors     Stainless treshold - sliding shower doors





       towel rail                                squeegee                       paper holder                              towel rail                 super clear OTTOSEAL S50


                                                             towel rail                                          towel rail                               towel rail




We construct basically every shower. We make cabins:

- sliding
- swing
- corner
- flat
- polygonal
- shower niche-doors
- polygonal
- one panel or multi panel (without door: walk-in type)
- fitted to slant
- bath screens (fixed, sliding, folding)
- cabins with bent glass



We use toughened safe glass - thicknesses of  6, 8, 10, 12 mm or toughened laminated safe glass with thicknesses from 9,6 mm to 13,6 mm

- clear float glass
- opti white glass (glass discolored - white)
- tinted glass (graphite, bronze, green, blue)
- satin glass, sandblasted
- ornamental glass
- laminated glass with EVA film or PVB matt, colorless, colored, with printing of decorative fabric.




Fittings, that we assemble are made of polished or grinded stainless steel. There are also 7 special colours avaliable, as well as any desired RAL color. We use fittings of the following manufacturers: Geze, Pauli + Sohn GmbH, Colcom / Minusco, CR Laurence, G-FITTINGS, P&M, Casma, Siso, GCC, GMT or their substitutes. To demanding customers are recommended original solutions, especially stainless steel rods made ​​in our metal workshop.


                                                        Fittings colors available to buy now           Fittings colors available to order



The sliding                  Pivot with hydraulic        Italian design           Hydraulic hinge         German precision     With or without seal
 HIP-ZAK                        SLASH                           ALA                                BILOBINA
                   FLINTER                         FLUTURE



   HYDROSLIDE              SERENITY                                    MWE                                 Seals




You need to know that the shower cabin installed before laying tiles on the walls is more aesthetic and more practical to use, because glass panes are recessed into the wall and the number of installed elements is reduced to a minimum. Therefore it is important to contact us before laying tiles. In the course of our free consultation we determine precise details, so that we can make perfect products.

Do not forget that it is not possible to seal the frameless cabin completely. In spite of the use of highest quality thresholds and gaskets and perfect assembly, it is hard to provide total seal. You may experience minor leaks through the door. In order to improve sealing, we install thresholds made of transparent plastic or stainless steel.

                                                                                                                            Colours of profiles for installation of glass in the wall                                                                                                          


Jest to szkło dające możliwość pełnej prywatności lub przejrzystości za jednym pstryknięciem włącznika.
Doskonale sprawdza się w miejscach gdzie wymagana jest prywatność na żądanie takich jak prywatne rezydencje, sale konferencyjne, gabinety, hotele, muzea, restauracje i inne ekskluzywne wnętrza. Zastosowane w kabinie prysznicowej zapewnia intymność podczas kąpieli.  Czytaj więcej




For impregnation of glass we recommend 6K - new waterproof surface protection system. Thanks to it the dirt and soap residue do not stick to the glass as easily as the surface without protection. This formulation is suitable for both glass and stainless steel. 6K is a system of two-tier application, which provides a 3 year warranty of the surface protect.



Product Features:                                                                                              

- two-step application
- long-term protection
- UV protection
- in accordance with EN 45001
- without harmful substances
- abrasion-resistant





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